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Question to : I had to switch my domain name for some reason, previously and now and so I was faced with a problem : How to edit my Known "entities" database table and replace all URL to ?

I tried already this path : I made a dump of my current MYSQL database, edited the "entities" table, replaced all occurence of the old domain by the new one, uploaded the entities table back to the Known databse, refreshed this website and got stuck as if Known was not installed, I had the url and I couldn't bypass this step and find all my previous post on the blog.

Right now this blog here is running on the old database, so if you check you'll see plenty of the old URL
google webmaster tools also warn me about it and even though all the links here on this blog work just fine from a user point of view I wish that google robots would index this website with the correct URL's and not the one with my previous domain.

So wizards of the Indieweb ? what would you do in my shoes ?