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Sexual discrimination, harassment, and abuse are everywhere. They are not isolated cases, not rare, and not confined to the powerful or famous. They constitute an ongoing, systemic crisis. is meant to draw attention to that crisis. Talking about the perpetrators “moving on with their lives” at all, much less with sympathy and solicitude, is a clear signal that the moral weight and severity of the crisis has not sunk in. We’re still not taking this shit seriously.


A group of young victims of the sectarian drifts of a Buddhist community and its guru's abuses won the first round of his trial but must face an appeal. They now need your help for the second part of this long trial.


#MeToo hashtag network visualization – Network graph of 24,722 #MeToo tweets has 25,218 nodes, 16,183 edges and an astounding 10,709 communities.

Extraordinary network graph of shows a massive online movement, demonstrating the pervasiveness of sexual harassment and assault.