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Naître dans une secte et en sortir pour se reconstruire : ils et elles en parlent :


Replay de "ça commence aujourd'hui sur les mouvements sectaires


18 septembre : la fin du plus vieux procès en Belgique :


Dalai-Lama is going to visit the Nederlands in September, maybe it's a good time to launch a worldwide & list all the sexual abuses inside the Tibetan Buddhist cult/realm like & other voices currently rising behind the shadows from Germany, France, Austria, US,


Dear People of the Internet, Ben Borges from really needs your help, would you lend your profile for a one time social media storm to raise awareness about the OKCinfo ?


The "making of" of a Cult :

- For anyone that know how cults works, from the inside, this is a blue-print of how the Trungpa drift started in the US and how it is still impacting the US Buddhist scene decades later.
- The drift inside or is from the same root : charlatans posing as enlightened beings leading other un-conscious beings into madness in the name of "Vajrayana", the result was "teachers sleeping with students, the HIV positive regent "giving" HIV to other students, drugs, getting drunk, sex and later on : people destroyed by the folly of men's playing guru's with their minds.

Meanwhile the Buddhist non hierarchy is still lost at sea more concerned about their image, their sponsors, money than anything else.

This is an introspection or you might call it a rant on the roots of crazy wisdom in the West.

In short what's enfolding now in the Buddhist scene globally is a bunch of men's protecting their own Harvey Weinstein, because they can, because it's a business and because most of the followers of Buddhism in the West & valid for Asia too, are lost, having abandoned their critical mind, discernment, freedom by bowing to last century, autocratic like, sexist, machist "teacher & student" relationship.

Fuck the Samaya, right there !

There is no Samaya bound when the teacher & student are unconscious & drifting toward a very egoistic & materialist approach, even if all the folklore, all the environment leads one to believe in the decoration, the feeling of awe, the bullshit that these predators, manipulators can put in place.

There is no Samaya Link between RIGPA students and Sogyal because the later is utterly unable to be a samaya holder. he is not qualified. without qualification there is no way to build a Samaya link with a student, without this link there is no way to "break the samaya" and since there is no Samaya the fact that survivors of sexual abuses inside Buddhists cults speak up, the fact of speaking up is in no way a Samaya break. period.

If the only "link" you have with a student is a fake "samaya" bond, the moment the student wake up the bond is broken, because it was fake, because it was based on lies, manipulation with the sole intent to coerce the student into alleviating the individualistic pleasure ego approach of the "guru'"

Fuck the guru !


trial is reaching the end of the first part. 2 more days of having to endure listening to major bullshit and than its going to be deliberation phase. Next there will be the court holiday. Meaning this might extend up until September.
Until then I'm mostly focusing on this and helping initiative reach its destination. Wish me luck!


Trial is back on track starting 9th May - this is when civil parties (me included) will challenge the defense twisted arguments carefully in denial about the root of this trial : 11 confirmed sexual abuses cases on girls minors of age. And we don't even know how much sexual "initiation" were "granted" to other "consenting" woman from the community. you can add to this shitstorm around 20 other boys that got severely beaten as a pedagogy during 2 decades. But like the movie showed 2 weeks ago by the Spatz defense, we were happy, all very happy, terrified to even open our mouth, but very "happy".


reprend le 11 avril. entre temps, actualisation de notre siteweb, Crowdfunding et campagne de visibilité de


Crowfdfunding Campaign To Support Victims of OKC Cult