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Evaluation of Real-Time Radiation Monitoring


Will the 9/11 case finally go to trial?


Peut-être le plus gros scandale financier de ces dernières années en Wallonie : 200 millions payés en trop, avec la « complicité » de 200 élus.

Signez la pétition et partagez-la !


Pétition pour une commission d’enquête parlementaire / et les 7 intercommunales pures de financement qui sont actionnaires d'Ores. -


Crowdfunding Hate : the AltRight/NewRight/Altlite is getting banned from most corporate crowdfunding platforms (Patreon,Gofundme,etc..) so they launched 2 different platforms : and
both platform are geared to welcome "#freespeech" fundamentalists, neofascists, all kinds of extreme far-rights tendencies.

little white-men feeling threatened by diversity, fearing their "race" is collapsing under "degenerative" invasion of migrants, fearing to be "replaced" by other cultures as if, their grand-father, or grand-grand-grand father didn't invade, genocide, eradicate Native Americans in the US or Native in Australia or simply put : People in the Africa continent with colonisation, slavery etc...

Now the same descent of these people are feeling threatened, some even go to the point to say : manhood is under attack, masculinity is under attack, man is not man anymore.

Can you imagine what's to be a white-man feeling threatened by diversity, inclusivity, multi-culturality ?

and still being an ultra-dominant current in the worldwide stage, imposing white-men democracy, not even noticing how much of his past action are still conditioning original people.

but feeling threatened at home, without a future. it's a dangerous drift, that can possibly alter current & future events in ways the west is not prepared to.


Shonin Streamcam Wearable Security Camera - A cloud-connected wearable security camera that lets you to instantly document video proof.


Alert : AltRight launching their own -like crowdfunding platform :