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Your account is now unlocked, and we’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Twitter has automated systems that find and remove automated spam accounts and it looks like your account got caught up in one of these spam groups by mistake. This sometimes happens when an account exhibits automated behavior in violation of the Twitter Rules (

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please do not respond to this email as replies will not be monitored.
This is the automated message @twitter is sending to all the accounts I managed to un-suspend in the last few weeks. None of these accounts are fully automated, most of them have some automation : for example they tweet when a new blog post is published in some collective or individual blog.
some do some auto-retweets based on hashtags or words.

None of them broke the rules by spewing hate, antisemitism, xenophobia etc...but still the "automated" system used by twitter suspended all of them without any consideration for anything.

some of the accounts remains suspended because I don't have access to it anymore (someone either changed the email or the phone number or both) and now it's near impossible to recover them.

my point with this rant ? Twitter is not in charge of it's moderation, robots and some form of biased AI is doing the dirty job and sometimes I wonder how come those account that alert about radiation can break the rules but the account of known neofascist are perfectly fine on Twitter ?


The "making of" of a Cult :

- For anyone that know how cults works, from the inside, this is a blue-print of how the Trungpa drift started in the US and how it is still impacting the US Buddhist scene decades later.
- The drift inside or is from the same root : charlatans posing as enlightened beings leading other un-conscious beings into madness in the name of "Vajrayana", the result was "teachers sleeping with students, the HIV positive regent "giving" HIV to other students, drugs, getting drunk, sex and later on : people destroyed by the folly of men's playing guru's with their minds.

Meanwhile the Buddhist non hierarchy is still lost at sea more concerned about their image, their sponsors, money than anything else.

This is an introspection or you might call it a rant on the roots of crazy wisdom in the West.

In short what's enfolding now in the Buddhist scene globally is a bunch of men's protecting their own Harvey Weinstein, because they can, because it's a business and because most of the followers of Buddhism in the West & valid for Asia too, are lost, having abandoned their critical mind, discernment, freedom by bowing to last century, autocratic like, sexist, machist "teacher & student" relationship.

Fuck the Samaya, right there !

There is no Samaya bound when the teacher & student are unconscious & drifting toward a very egoistic & materialist approach, even if all the folklore, all the environment leads one to believe in the decoration, the feeling of awe, the bullshit that these predators, manipulators can put in place.

There is no Samaya Link between RIGPA students and Sogyal because the later is utterly unable to be a samaya holder. he is not qualified. without qualification there is no way to build a Samaya link with a student, without this link there is no way to "break the samaya" and since there is no Samaya the fact that survivors of sexual abuses inside Buddhists cults speak up, the fact of speaking up is in no way a Samaya break. period.

If the only "link" you have with a student is a fake "samaya" bond, the moment the student wake up the bond is broken, because it was fake, because it was based on lies, manipulation with the sole intent to coerce the student into alleviating the individualistic pleasure ego approach of the "guru'"

Fuck the guru !


Long story short, the CLOUD Act is a sloppy, rights-violating attempt at solving a complicated jurisdiction problem for law enforcement.


the amount of hate, disinformation, plain old lies, fear mongering against refugees, migrants in most of the US sub-social media networks is staggering : a nation of literal immigrants, responsible for the genocide of an entire population (First Nations) spewing, vomiting on social media all it's hate and total lack of education, blunt ignorance as if the cause of their nothingness was the refugees, refugees that flee their own country thanks to US bombs, drones and perpetual wars.

It's not just some alt-right sites, blogs, radios, podcasts, youtubes channels or sites : it's an invasion of ignorance, stupidity, total lack of education currently intoxicating,, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Tumblr or the obvious 4Chan & subsequent fork, this is everywhere, across channels, across countries.

It sounds like coordinated information warfare of the same vein that was used before,during and after the last US elections only that in this case here it's permanent : their goal is to pivot the narrative & force throat one that serve their doctrine, a doctrine of hate, scarcity, lack of resources, perpetual war that would then justify even more US rogue hegemony, as many have documented in the last 20 years.

We can either watch & document and notice a flawed, toxic world crumble under the remains of nihilism or we can fight back and reclaim Sanity, Science, Education, Information, Democracy.

Time is ticking.


Now I understand why the dozens of suspended accounts...

---- from Twibble email ----

URGENT: Twitter's new rules for 2018 - EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY
As you may have heard, Twitter has announced broad-reaching rules and policy changes that will affect all Twitter users and app developers. These changes will be enforced starting Friday, March 23, 2018, but we have just rolled out an update to Twibble to comply with these changes effective immediately.

Furthermore, certain of the limitations already started rolling out to some users one month ago; this likely explains any issues you've experienced with your feeds or Twitter accounts on Twibble.

In order to comply with these changes, we will be rolling out several important changes to Twibble effective immediately.

What is Twitter changing?

You can only add an RSS feed to one Twitter account
Each Twitter account you manage needs to have its own unique RSS feeds.
An RSS feed can post to only one Twitter account
You can no longer schedule an RSS feed to be posted from multiple Twitter accounts.

You can no longer post duplicates
Duplicate "evergreen" content can no longer be shared.

How is Twibble changing to comply with these new rules?

1. Any RSS feed can only be shared with a single Twitter account.
Example: You manage 3 Twitter accounts. You've added RSS feeds A, B, and C to Account 1. You can no longer add A, B, or C to either of Accounts 2 or 3.

2. When adding an RSS feed, you can only publish to a single Twitter account.
Example: You've just added an RSS feed. At the bottom of Twibble's Editor, you've been able to check multiple Twitter accounts (and Facebook Pages) from which you'd like that feed to tweet. Now, you can only select a single Twitter account.

3. Tweet Duplicates will no longer be available.
Example: If you've enabled "Duplicates" for any of your feeds, these will be disabled for all feeds on all accounts. Note, however, that you should be able to RT your own content from other Twitter accounts; you can use Twibble's Auto-Retweet function to accomplish this.


Crazy how I have to reFollow obvious people I use to follow since years...@twitter what are you up to again ?


"Let the wild rumpus begin."

Chelsea Manning: 'I'm a very different person than I was 10 years ago'
In her first interview since announcing a Senate run, Chelsea Manning discusses the long road to freedom, and why she’s determined to seize her moment
by Ed Pilkington in Washington. Portraits by Tracey Salazar


Le mouvement de la paix lance sa nouvelle campagne : « Ne jetez pas l’argent par les fenêtres ! »

L’austérité budgétaire est la règle du gouvernement… à une exception près : le budget militaire. Ce ne sont pas moins de 7,5 milliards d’euros d’engagement budgétaire que le ministre de la « défense » aura contracté d’ici à la fin de la législature.

Afin de dénoncer cette insupportable contradiction, et espérer qu’elle émerge enfin dans le débat public, la plateforme « Pas d’avions de chasse » lance une nouvelle campagne ce jeudi 25 janvier. Celle-ci veut mettre en parallèle, pour mieux la dénoncer, la dépense envisagée pour l’achat de 34 avions chasseurs-bombardiers avec l’absence d’investissement dans des postes budgétaires qui permettraient, eux, de réellement travailler à la paix et la sécurité.

Justice, sécurité sociale, soins de santé, transports publics, accueil des demandeurs d’asile et des réfugiés, solidarité internationale, lutte contre la pauvreté ou encore transition énergétique et lutte contre le dérèglement climatique. Tous les services publics semblent sacrifiés sur l’autel de l’austérité.

Tous ? Manifestement pas. Dans une étrange discrétion, sans que ces dépenses faramineuses ne souffrent d’un débat public, ouvert, contradictoire, le gouvernement multiplie les engagements budgétaires pour l’achat de matériel militaire. Ainsi, en juin 2017, c’est un contrat pour l’achat de 477 véhicules blindés qui est signé pour un montant de 1,1 milliard d’euros. Le 22 décembre 2017, 260 millions d’euros sont investis dans l’achat d’un avion ravitailleur. D’ici au mois de juin 2018, le gouvernement entend signer les contrats pour l’achat de 6 chasseurs de mines et de deux navires pour un total dépassant les 2 milliards d’euros. Le « contrat du siècle », lui, doit être signé avant la fin de cette année : 3,6 milliards pour l’achat de 34 avions chasseurs-bombardiers (notons que le ministère de la défense américain a annoncé en début de semaine un montant de 6,5 milliards de dollars – 5,3 milliards d’euros !).

Les services publics deviendraient-ils de simples variables d’ajustement budgétaire pour épancher la soif militariste de notre gouvernement ?

Malgré le credo austéritaire que le gouvernement rumine ad nauseam, la plateforme « pas d’avions de chasse » et ses 130 associations membres ( constatent que nos représentants sont capables d’engager une politique de relance par les investissements publics. Une politique qui ne profitera pourtant pas aux citoyens qui voient, constamment, le filet protecteur de l’État se déliter.

Afin de faire connaître ses arguments et de proposer aux citoyens des moyens concrets d’action, les membres de la plateforme distribueront dans 19 différentes gares et lieux publics en Belgique, ce jeudi 25 et vendredi 26 janvier, un faux billet de 500€ (575€ étant le montant que chaque contribuable devra dépenser pour l’achat de 34 avions de chasse). La liste des lieux de tractage et les personnes responsables sont disponibles sur demande.

Contacts presse :

Ludo De Brabander, Vrede vzw (nl) – 0473/51.64.62

Samuel Legros, CNAPD (fr) – 0484/64.57.92


There's a deep connection between the struggles to get Members of Congress to invoke the War Powers Resolution to force votes on unauthorized wars and Risen's struggles to get his national security stories onto the front page of the New York Times - like his story exposing that the NSA was spying on Americans without court-ordered search warrants, a blatant violation of the Constitution, which the New York Times sat on for a year at the request of the Bush Administration.

One thing I never understood until now: why government went after Risen so hard on the story of the CIA's bungled operation to sell fake nuclear secrets to Iran. Sure, the story makes the CIA look stupid and incompetent, dangerously so.

But here Risen shows another explanation: the national security establishment wanted to burn Risen for the NSA warrantless wiretapping story, but once the New York Times published the NSA story, the government couldn't go after Risen on it without also going after the New York Times, a much more powerful adversary. The government wanted to isolate Risen from the Times; that's why they went after him so hard on CIA-Iran.

My Life as a New York Times Reporter in the Shadow of the War on Terror


Sogyal Lakar is a very public figure, a Tibetan celebrity of sorts, who has cultivated a (false) public persona in the media for decades. Such persons are subject to public scrutiny, in all of it's forms. He's currently hiding for the media—which he no longer seeks out, because he thinks it's no longer in his interest to do so—and effectively refuses to take responsibility or accept personal accountability for his actions.

His disgraceful conduct—past and present—in the West hurt not just the cause of Tibetan Buddhism there, but that of the Tibetan people as well, as does the continuing cover up by the organization he's still running behind the scenes. It's only natural that casual, local observers of his current activities, in particular those whose image and cause is hurt by Sogyal and Rigpa, would share their view of his apparent priorities in life within their communities and through social media.

That's happening to Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey as well, and it all goes with self-won notoriety. Real life causes have real life consequences: if Sogyal Lakar can't stand the heat, he should have stayed out of the kitchen.

source: RH from OB