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Dear @spamhaus SpamHaus site does not send confirmation email hence, unable to remove from blacklist

Dear SpamHaus, your DBL list is listing my domain in the blacklist, I followed the instructions to remove it but the confirmation email never landed in my inbox, hence not being able to remove my domain from your blacklist. 

Any chance you can have a look ?

my domain is

listed here :


#TTIPgameOver Network Swarm composed by different participating countries : France, Italy, Spain, UK,

The blue swarm is @TTIPGAMEOVER and direct supporters

The yellow swarm on top/middle : France @attac_fr & @1000alternatiba

Purple swarm on the left Spain: @noalTTIP

Green swarm on the middle-right @pascoesabido

The center is composed by grassroots activists, individuals, citizens amplifying & replying to the main account. 


Yes Trumpers, #Obama continued the rogue war policy of the GOP but he didn't started it, #Bush did ! #911 #IraqWar

Yes, went rogue with , , Kill List and continued or was unable to stop the ongoing GOP doctrine in the middle-east : Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen. 

But let's not forget WHO started this whole quagmire: yes, the GOP. 
Who did not nothing to prevent it ? the GOP.

Who blocked the US administration countless times? the GOP. 

in fact the whole US politics can be resumed by "8 years Blocking " even on policies that make perfect sense on a bipartisan view point. 

Then we got 1 year of "primary" candidacy endorsed by the GOP all up to now november 4th where, nothing, nothing ever said or did was enough to put him on the side.

my prediction is that the GOP will be completely destroyed after this election farce, don't think one second that is going to fall in line with the GOP tradition: on the contrary he will not hesitate to break it and produce/continue his schism with the traditional Republican Party just to allow his little ego adventure to keep going, no matter the consequences for US citizens or the WorldWide global community always impacted by the US choices for President.

The GOP allowed itself to be destroyed from the inside, the minute he managed to let become the gollem he is now becoming.

Probably that US politics will be transformed for ever, for the better or worse.

probably worst.