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De Nederlandse versie van Schild & Vrienden zit gewoon in de Tweede Kamer

The Dutch version of Schild & Vrienden is simply in the House of Representatives


#QAnon network visualizations – by Erin Gallagher – #manipulation #information

These communities of high-volume accounts can also be mobilized to bombard a certain Twitter account or hashtag.


The Alt-Right is only reusing technics that were put in place long ago by all kinds of grassroots movements, the big difference on impact ? the Left lack of access to big accounts, business & mainstream figures that amplify their signal/campaign/protest. 

So what the far right did here was to simply copy/paste the technic and make sure to have the network to use it against any and all opposition : the media, press, journalists, citizens, everyone not with the far-right is against them, the way the alt-right organized in the US online landscape is nothing new, the only part that is "new" is how it managed to hack mainstream perception to make it believe that the "alt-right movement" is huge and growing, the reality is that Trump may have been helped by much more US domestic rogue elements than previously thought : it's not all "The Russians" and the fact that huge swaps of the establishment media is barking about this as if it could explain everything only show their lack of understanding of the information warfare landscape. 


The #Election2016 Micro-Propaganda Machine – Jonathan Albright – #Disinfo #misinfo #infowar

@d1gi : I wrote this piece because I feel the argument about Facebook’s role in influencing the outcome of the U.S. election doesn’t address the real problem: the sources of the fake/misleading/hyper-biased information. Sure, Google’s ad network and Facebook’s News Feed/“Related Stories” algorithms amplify the emotional spread of misinformation, and social media naturally turn up the volume of political outrage. At the same time, I think journalists, researchers and data geeks should first look into the factors that are actually 1) producing the content and 2) driving the online traffic.


Please Help us : Thunderclap: Justice for OKC cult survivors #meetoo #abuses #buddhism

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