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Disrupting News & Corporate Media with people's powered information systems #socialmedia & collective intelligence


Agorakit, open source groupware for citizens #grassroots #ngo #activism #scaleup

great tool made in Brussels originally for/by the TAC movement !


“The Gilets Jaunes have blown up the old political categories” #GiletsJaunes #YellowVests

Well that remain to be seen, right now the big danger is that the far-right succesfully manage to co-opt it, online, offline and on the media. the only way is to massively occupy this movement to make sure the far-right is expelled from it. period. no debate. no passaran !


Justice for Roşia Montană! | Rosia Montana #goldmine #GPI

Justice for Roşia Montană!

Roşia Montană voices to be heard in illegal Romanian gold mine litigation


Le casse du siècle : l'énorme fraude fiscale à 55 milliards d'euros des "CumEx"

Et pendant ce temps là on nous fesait avaler de force des "mesures d'austérités" en toute impunité !


Il est encore temps #climat #cop24

Global Climate March on December 8: Climate Alarm 
The main platform calling is "It Is Still Time"