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The OODA loop of #Trump's Insurgency has been Smashed - Global Guerrillas

In short, by controlling Trump's information flow with social media/networks, the generals smashed the insurgency's OODA loop (observe, orient, decide, act).  Deprived of this connection, Trump is now weathervaning to cater to the needs of the establishment (as seen with his new stance on DACA and the Wall). 


How Sony, Obama, Seth Rogen and the CIA Secretly Planned to Force Regime Change in North Korea

It’s difficult to overstate how reactionary Obama’s policies became. In contrast to Bush, and even Trump, Obama flatly rejected the idea of negotiating with the North without a prior commitment to denuclearization. He also expressed no interest in the DPRK’s offer to sign a peace agreement. More disturbingly, he was the first president in history to refer to the Korean War, which has been universally recognized as a bloody stalemate, as a “victory.” In doing so, Obama revived a right-wing trope that was first used in the 1950s and resurrected during the Bush years by David Frum and other neocons. So from the onset, Obama caused America’s policy toward Korea to take a sharp right turn.


PM's Father Endorsed "Restored Honour" For Convicted #Paedophile - #OpDeathEaters

Benedikt Sveinsson, the father of Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson, provided a recommendation letter of “restored honour” for Hjalti Sigurjón Hauksson, a man convicted of having raped his stepdaughter almost daily for 12 years. This information was kept hidden from the general public, despite repeated requests from the media, until a parliamentary committee ruled that the Ministry of Justice was legally obliged to disclose this information. The Prime Minister was aware of his father’s actions since at least last July, but said nothing.


Let's lobby the US Congress & every DEM/GOP representatives to make Mark Zuckerberg #Facebook accountable

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg should publicly testify under oath before Congress as to the capabilities of his company to influence the political process, be it Russian meddling or anything else. If the company is as powerful as it promises advertisers, it should be held accountable. And if it’s not, then we need to stop fretting so much about it. 


DiEM25: The Real State of the Union, Brussels - LIVE #RealStateOfEU #SOTEU

"Across Europe, refugees are fleeing wars, that EU member states have either started or contributed to".


40 years of abuse in the name of #Dharma a short story about #OKC aka Ogyen Kunzang Choling and Robert Spatz : #vajrayana

Please, share this reddit thread far & wide. your help is very much appreciated. 


Inside the Left’s Plans to #Occupy #Trump - #antifa #resistfascism

But the first question is whether Resist Fascism can persuade anyone to show up on November 4, which was one of the goals of Saturday’s meetings in New York, Chicago, Austin, Los Angeles and San Francisco.