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Sexual discrimination, harassment, and abuse are everywhere. They are not isolated cases, not rare, and not confined to the powerful or famous. They constitute an ongoing, systemic crisis. is meant to draw attention to that crisis. Talking about the perpetrators “moving on with their lives” at all, much less with sympathy and solicitude, is a clear signal that the moral weight and severity of the crisis has not sunk in. We’re still not taking this shit seriously.


De Nederlandse versie van Schild & Vrienden zit gewoon in de Tweede Kamer

The Dutch version of Schild & Vrienden is simply in the House of Representatives


What happens when the information at our disposal as human specie indicates dark age, destruction, famine, wars, conflicts, climate disasters but then as a society we don't do anything about it ?
Are we the first specie to document it's own extinction, not even convinced we are inter dependent, our ego still trying to escape in a reality where "technology" is going to save us from technology very own ill's ? Are we going to document our natural habitat becoming toxic for us and other forms of lives without doing nothing about it ? is this being an "alarmist" or being a "realist" ?

What will our children's think of our generation ? the most informed generation on the planet but the least effective to bring change without destroying ourselves ?


18 septembre : la fin du plus vieux procès en Belgique :


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